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If you are looking for the ultimate caravan, nothing beats Buccaneer.

Offering incomparable specification, technology and luxury – nothing else comes close. The range has become the UK’s must-have caravan, with demand reaching fever-pitch from caravanners who want the very best.

For 2018 Season, this unprecedented bestseller has been further enhanced.

Choose from 5 exceptional 8ft-wide Buccaneer models:

2019 Buccaneer Video Overview


Buccaneer is the most luxurious touring caravan range in the UK. This most opulent of caravans features class-leading design and many more features as standard than any other brand.

Innovative design and development takes the Buccaneer to a whole new level – now 8ft wide, with a unique integrated self-levelling system and a complete new redesign, both inside and out.

Whilst the flagship Buccaneer is built on 50 years of expert craftsmanship, it is a thoroughly modern caravan with unique and cutting-edge technology.

The multi-award-winning Buccaneer goes from strength-to-strength – this is the epitome of the great British grand tourer!


  • Stargazer rooflight
  • Alde 24hr central and water heating system
  • UNIQUE Alde Underfloor Heating
  • ALDE Load Monitor – never trip out your electrics!
  • Grade III Thermal Insulation for year-round use
  • NEW Interior design: ‘Prairie’
  • Aquaclean upholstery – wipes clean with water
  • SafeFront PetFriendly upholstery – both hypoallergenic and snag-proof!
  • OZIO Upholstery – Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter
  • (Leather Upholstery option available)
  • NEW LED reading lights
  • NEW Style switches and sockets
  • NEW Locker door handles
  • NEW Fixed drawer handles
  • NEW Bathroom accessories and EXTRA towel hooks
  • NEW ‘Abstract Beige’ feature kitchen splashback
  • NEW Oven and grill
  • Dual fuel hob
  • NEW Cast Iron pan stands
  • NEW Pull-out baskets in Kitchen
  • Microwave
  • Multi-speed Omnivent
  • 40L On-board water tank – gives 80L continuous water supply
  • Aquasource water line
  • EcoCamel water-saving shower
  • Clothes dryer in shower cubicle
  • Domestic-style heated towel rail
  • Back-lit bathroom vanity mirror
  • Retractable bed – creating 40cm extra floorspace in daytime mode
  • NEW ‘Cassino Ash’ Craftsman-built cabinetry with positive locking


  • All models 8ft-wide
  • E&P Remote-control self-levelling – effortlessly level in just 2 minutes!
  • AL-KO Chassis with AKS 3004 stabiliser and ATC
  • ‘StrongLite Aluminium one-piece sides in ‘Diamond Silver’
  • NEW Graphics
  • 100W Solar panel
  • Aero privacy flush-fit double-glazed side windows with pleated blinds and flyscreen
  • Balanced wheels
  • AL-KO Diamond Standard wheel lock(s)
  • NEW Improved wheel spats
  • Spare wheel and underslung carrier
  • External Gas barbecue point
  • Exterior access locker door with 230V socket
  • Shower and Rinse®
  • Sky-Scape panoramic sunroof

Buccaneer 2019 Technical Specifications

Number of Berths44446
Wheel Rim5½Jx14 5x1125½Jx14 5x1125½Jx14 5x1125½Jx14 5x1125½Jx14 5x112
Tyre Size175/65 R14 90175/65 R14 90175/65 R14 90175/65 R14 90175/65 R14 90
Tyre Pressure at MTPLM in psiDownrate 46 / Standard 47 / Uprate 48Downrate 46 / Standard 48 / Uprate 48Downrate 45 / Standard 46 / Uprate 48Downrate 47 / Standard 48 / Uprate 48Downrate 46 / Standard 48 / Uprate 48
Interior Length6390mm / 21'0''6390mm / 21'0''6390mm / 21'0''6390mm / 21'0''6390mm / 21'0''
Exterior body length6980mm / 22'11''6980mm / 22'11''6980mm / 22'11''6980mm / 22'11''6980mm / 22'11''
Shipping Length8160mm / 26'9''8160mm / 26'9''8160mm / 26'9''8160mm / 26'9''8160mm / 26'9''
Overall Width2450mm / 8'0"2450mm / 8'0"2450mm / 8'0"2450mm / 8'0"2450mm / 8'0"
Overall Height2635mm / 8'8''2635mm / 8'8''2635mm / 8'8''2635mm / 8'8''2635mm / 8'8''
Overall Height excluding TV Aerial2550mm / 8'4"2550mm / 8'4"2550mm / 8'4"2550mm / 8'4"2550mm / 8'4"
Maximum Headroom1950mm / 6'5"1950mm / 6'5"1950mm / 6'5"1950mm / 6'5"1950mm / 6'5"
Interior Width2308mm / 7'7"2308mm / 7'7"2308mm / 7'7"2308mm / 7'7"2308mm / 7'7"
Porch awning height2420mm / 7'11''2420mm / 7'11''2420mm / 7'11''2420mm / 7'11''2420mm / 7'11''
Awning Sizes Ground to Ground10900mm / 35'9"10900mm / 35'9"10900mm / 35'9"10900mm / 35'9"10900mm / 35'9"
Maximum Hitch Weight150kgs / 2.95cwt150kgs / 2.95cwt150kgs / 2.95cwt150kgs / 2.95cwt150kgs / 2.95cwt
Mass In Running Order1798kgs / 35.39cwt1820kgs / 35.83cwt1766kgs / 34.76cwt1831kgs / 36.04cwt1804kgs / 35.51cwt
Optional Equipment payload00000
Maximum User Payload159kgs / 3.13cwt159kgs / 3.13cwt159kgs / 3.13cwt159kgs / 3.13cwt179kgs / 3.52cwt
Plated M.T.P.L.M1957kgs / 38.52cwt1979kgs / 38.95cwt1925kgs / 37.89cwt1990kgs / 39.17cwt1983kgs / 39.03cwt
Maximum M.T.P.L.M2000kgs / 39.37cwt2000kgs / 39.37cwt2000kgs / 39.37cwt2000kgs / 39.37cwt2000kgs / 39.37cwt
Front Mattress Sizes

2 x Single
720mm x 1805mm
2'4'' x 5'11''


1 x Double
2120mm x 1435mm
6'11'' x 4'8''

2 x Single
720mm x 1805mm
2'4'' x 5'11''


1 x Double
2120mm x 1435mm
7'0'' x 4'8''

2 x Single
720mm x 1805mm
2'4'' x 5'11''


1 x Double
2120mm x 1435mm
7'0'' x 4'8''

1 x Double
1403mm x 1958mm
4'7" x 6'5"

2 x Single
720mm x 1805mm
2'4" x 5'11"


1 x Double
2120mm x 1435mm
6'11" x 4'8"

Rear Mattress SizeFixed Double
1346mm x 1900mm
4'5" x 6'3"
2 x Single
1885mm x 770mm
6'2'' x 2'6''
Fixed Double
1346mm x 1900mm
4'5" x 6'3"
Fixed Double
1346mm x 1900mm
4'5" x 6'3"
Fixed Double
1280mm x 1855mm
4'2" x 6'1"
Side Dinnete Mattress SizesNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot Applicable1 x Double
1245mm x 1900mm
4'1" x 6'3"


The Mass in Running Order includes a manufacturing tolerance for material variances and 10kgs per gas bottle, the number of bottles is equal to the number of connections provided at the regulator.

Maximum User Payload includes the Personal Effects payload and the Optional Equipment Payload.

If you require a larger payload it is possible to upgrade the Plated Maximum Technical Permissible Laden Mass. Please contact your supplying retailer for more information. (Exclusions may apply)

Please take care to ensure that you have allowed for the masses of all items you intend to carry in the caravan.

Warning under no circumstances must the plated MTPLM of the caravan be exceeded.

The porch awning height is measured directly above the main entrance door.

All data is calculated using metric weights and measurements. The imperial figures quoted are conversions thereof.

All dimensions have a tolerance of +/-25mm

The overall height measurement is taken with the aerial in the lowest position.

All front bed sizes are quoted with the front chest of drawers in place. (Where Applicable)

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