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Built on the very same production line as sister-brands Elddis, Compass and flagship Buccaneer, with the same state of the art technology and detailed craftsmanship, Xplore offers a truly unbeatable package.

The Xplore range retains all of its award-winning key features and attributes, yet there are some subtle – and very stylish – changes for 2020 Season.

Whilst boasting competitive specification, Xplore remains super-lightweight and exceptionally easy to tow. Xplore is built with SoLiD Construction yet priced to compete with the used caravan market… the new Xplore range is, quite simply, unbeatable!

Choose from 4 exciting Xplore models:

£ 15,273
£ 16,323
£ 18,272
£ 18,273

2020 Xplore Video Overview


Xplore is the most innovative lightweight value caravan range available today.

The multi-award-winning range features layouts that are both unique and exclusive – and some of the very lightest caravans in the UK.

Every model is compact and easy-to-tow with virtually any car, yet the Xplore’s diminutive size belies the spacious and ingenious storage within.

The Xplore range boasts features and specification to outclass its competitors, yet comes at a very affordable price … no wonder the Xplore is synonymous with exceptional value for money.

All Xplore caravans are fully-bonded using SoLiD Construction. This industry-leading structural bonding is proven to be Strong, Light and Dry and is backed by a 10 Year Body Integrity and Water Ingress Warranty.

The Xplore Range is built on AL-KO chassis and running gear

All Xplore models have been awarded Grade III Thermal Insulation for safe and comfortable touring in all weather conditions.

2020 Xplore Range

  • AL-KO Chassis
  • Whale 8 litre on-board rapid water heater
  • 554 & 586 have Whale 4kW underfloor space heater
  • New Whale Chariot exterior sockets
  • New Dometic Midi Heki
  • New Anthracite weathered metal effect laminate to living area & bedrooms
  • New Taupe Grey laminate to all bathrooms
  • Improved kitchen locker door design
  • New (ActivCare) upholstery scheme in ‘Prism’ design
  • New graphic scheme
  • Improved wallboard tape

Xplore 2019 Technical Specifications

Number of Berths4246
Wheel Rim5½Jx14 5x1125½Jx14 5x1125½Jx14 5x1125½Jx14 5x112
Tyre Size175 R14 Li99175 R14 Li99175 R14 Li99175 R14 Li99
Tyre Pressure at MTPLM in psiDownrate 45 / Standard 45B / Uprate 48Downrate 45 / Standard 48 / Uprate 53Downrate 58 / Standard 60 / Uprate 62Downrate 60 / Standard 63 /Uprate 65
Interior Length3800mm / 12'6''4200mm / 13'9''5745mm / 18'10''5700mm / 18'8''
Exterior body length4480mm / 14'8''4800mm / 15'9''6380mm / 20'11''6250mm / 20'6''
Shipping Length5540mm / 18'2''5875mm / 19'3''7380mm / 24'3''7290mm / 23'11''
Overall Width2180mm / 7'2''2180mm / 7'2''2180mm / 7'2''2180mm / 7'2''
Overall Height2645mm / 8'8''2645mm / 8'8''2645mm / 8'8''2645mm / 8'8''
Overall Height excluding TV Aerial2560mm / 8'5"2560mm / 8'5"2560mm / 8'5"2560mm / 8'5"
Maximum Headroom1950mm / 6'5''1950mm / 6'5''1950mm / 6'5''1950mm / 6'5''
Interior Width2032mm / 6'8''2032mm / 6'8''2032mm / 6'8''2032mm / 6'8''
Porch awning height2430mm / 8'0''2430mm / 8'0"2430mm / 8'0''2430mm / 8'0"
Awning Sizes Ground to Ground8200mm / 26'11''8600mm / 28'3''10150mm / 33'4''10150mm / 33'4''
Maximum Hitch Weight100kgs / 1.97cwt100kgs / 1.97cwt100kgs / 1.97cwt100kgs / 1.97cwt
Mass In Running Order886kgs / 17.44cwt959kg / 18.8cwt1149kgs / 22.62cwt1175kgs / 23.13cwt
Optional Equipment payload22kgs / 0.43cwt22kgs / 0.43cwt22kgs / 0.43cwt22kgs / 0.43cwt
Maximum User Payload135kgs / 2.66cwt118kgs / 2.32cwt154kgs / 3.03cwt173kgs / 3.41cwt
Plated M.T.P.L.M 1043kgs / 20.53cwt1099kgs / 21.63cwt1325kgs / 26.08cwt1370kgs / 26.97cwt
Maximum M.T.P.L.M 1100kgs / 21.65cwt1200kgs / 23.63cwt1350kgs / 26.57 cwt1400kgs / 27.56cwt
Front Mattress Sizes1 x Double
1334mm x 2007mm
4'5'' x 6'7''
1 X Double
1550mm x 1986mm
5'1" x 6'6"
1 x Double
1100mm x 1986mm
3'7'' x 6'6"
1 x Double
1300mm x 1986mm
4'3'' x 6'6'' 
Side Dinette Mattress Sizes

1 x Single 
895mm x 1800mm
2'11'' x 5'11'' 

1 x Drop Down Bunk
560mm x 1790mm
1'10'' x 5'10''

Not ApplicableNot Applicable 

1 x Lower Bunk
745mm x 1800mm
2'5" x 5'11"

1 x Lift Up Bunk
550mm x 1640mm
1'10'' x 5'5'' 

Rear Mattress SizesNot ApplicableNot Applicable 1 x Fixed double
1346mm x 1900 mm
4'5" x 6'3" 
2 x Fixed Bunks
590mm x 1820mm
1'11'' x 6'0''

  • The Mass in Running Order includes a manufacturing tolerance for material variances and 10kgs per gas bottle, the number of bottles is equal to the number of connections provided at the regulator.
  • Maximum User Payload includes the Personal Effects payload. The Optional Equipment Payload is supplied for the SE Pack.
  • If you require a larger payload it is possible to upgrade the Plated Maximum Technical Permissible Laden Mass. Please contact your supplying retailer for more information (exclusions may apply).
  • Please take care to ensure that you have allowed for the masses of all items you intend to carry in the caravan.
  • Warning under no circumstances must the plated MTPLM of the caravan be exceeded.
  • The porch awning height is measured directly above the main entrance door.
  • All data is calculated using metric weights and measurements. The imperial figures quoted are conversions thereof.
  • All dimensions have a tolerance of +/-25mm.
  • The overall height measurement is taken with the aerial in the lowest position.
  • All front bed sizes are quoted with the front chest of drawers in place (where Applicable).
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