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Isabella Minor Dawn

When it has to be easy, smart and comfortable, Minor Dawn is the answer. Minor Dawn comes with a lightweight CarbonX fibreglass frame – which is fast and easy to assemble.

The window in the removable front panel provides a natural inflow of light and a good view. There are doors and a mosquito net in both sides, which can be closed by zipping the foil cover over it.

The material is breathable Isacryl which helps create a pleasant indoor climate. As with all of Isabella’s porches, you get the best seal to the caravan.


Please note that awning delivery times can be subject to availability.
  • Depth: 200cm
  • Width 260cm
  • Fits caravan heights between 235 – 250cm
  • Straight rail measure 267cm
  • Wing measure 2 x 15,5cm
  • Tunnel length 229cm
  • Removable/fold-down panels: Front
  • Mosquito net & entrance door in both sides